Nursing Education: Are You Ready for Online Learning? | American Public University (APU)

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Nursing Education: Are You Ready for Online Learning? | American Public University (APU)

Have you been considering going back to
school to continue your nursing education? Are you ready to get started? Most nurses pursuing advanced education do so while working full-time. They also have personal time commitments to
consider when evaluating nursing programs. Here some questions to answer before making a decision to start a program. Do you have learning goals for
furthering your education? Are you motivated and ready to learn new
concepts especially those directly to an immediately applicable to your practice?
Can you make some adjustments to achieve your professional goals? Will the
selected program help you to meet your learning needs and fit into your
schedule? If you answered yes to these questions, you sound like you’re ready to
get started. If you’ve decided to earn your next agree you’re probably
wondering if online education fits your busy schedule just know that for each
three credit course you will be required to spend about 15 hours per week to
complete the required coursework. Does that sound like a lot? Well, it depends on your schedule, but
consider this: an average shift at work is 12 hours, and the average study time
per week is not much more than that. Most students do not complete their weekly
studies in one day but find it easier to chunk their study times by making a
schedule that allows two to three hours per day, five to six days per week.
Students achieve success in their courses by planning their schedules to
meet both personal and professional goals. Having an inclusive schedule like
this is a great student success tool. Speaking of scheduling, the flexibility
of online education allows you to study at your own pace and anytime of the day
or night, and while it does take a little technological know-how, there are many
advisers and credentialed faculty that will promote interprofessional
collaboration and share resources to help make online learning fun. Interested in learning more about our
bachelor’s or master’s in nursing? Visit us online.

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