Nyaradzo Mvududu | Dean of School of Education

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Nyaradzo Mvududu | Dean of School of Education

– I’m Nyaradzo Mvududu, the
Dean of the School of Education at Seattle Pacific University. In the School of Education,
we offer a wide range of programs for teachers,
counselors, and executive leaders. Our School Counseling
program is CACREP accredited. Students have the option to
have a full master’s program or a certification-only program. I’m very proud of our
dedicated and caring faculty who mentor our students to be
change agents in their field. Our Graduate Teacher Education
Program offers various tracks for candidates to pursue
their certification. We offer 27 endorsements, which allows us to meet the interests of a varied number of students. We work with our mentor
teachers very closely so that all students have a comprehensive and coherent experience while
they go through the program. Through our Center for
Professional Education, we offer a wide range of courses. These courses can be
completed in one year. Students have the flexibility
to take the full year to complete the courses, and
we have reciprocal agreements with 49 states, which make
our courses very versatile. Our rigorous MEd in
Literacy, Language and Equity allow an opportunity
for in-service teachers to get an endorsement
in both Reading and ELL. There’s an increasing need
for instructional coaches in the school districts. Through our focus in teacher leadership, we are able to meet this
need by providing training for in-service teachers, and we allow for flexibility
by having an online program which serves our teachers well. Our Digital Education Leadership
program is fully online. All courses are taught by a practitioner and a faculty member, providing our students
with skills and knowledge to be effective in the field. The NCCE awarded the Outstanding Technology
Leader of the Year to one of our graduates in 2019. Similarly, our Executive
Leadership program is taught by people who currently
serve or have served at various level of administration. They bring this practical
experience to the courses that they teach. Our doctoral programs follow
a low-residency format. They are taught by
world-renowned instructors. The online allows us for flexibility for our working professionals, and the residency allows for
interactions among students and between students and instructors. We prepare people to be
leaders in the classroom, in the school district, and to be teachers and
researchers in high education. We prepare people to be equipped
to engage with difference and to view their students
through a lens of social justice. At SPU, you will get a
depth of cultural literacy, perspective, and understanding
that equips you be effective in your field. By selecting from online,
hybrid, or face-to-face, we bring convenience and
innovation to your learning. We look forward to having you join our School of Education community. (upbeat music)

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