Ohio Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

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Ohio Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

Jason: The Ohio Connections Academy is an
online public charter school that serves the entire state of Ohio from grades K through
12. Anna: Students get to learn in their home
or wherever they choose to learn with an internet connection. Molly: Students come from all across the state.
We have students from big cities to small towns; it is a program that is individual
for each student to allow them to meet their goals and be ready for the world after high
school. Vanessa: Today at the Rivers Edge Sports Center
we’re having a field trip with OCA and we’re excited about it. Gene: It’s where I actually get to come together
with my families. I get to meet them. I really get to put a face to a name which is really
important to me. Salma: Today I’m here to meet more of my teachers
and make friends. Salah: Today I had so much fun. I made friends
with Emma and Anna. I played soccer, that was really fun. Anna: The goal of coming here today was really
to give students and teachers the opportunity to meet each other in person. Maybe they’ve
been talking for months, or maybe they become friends today. Vanessa: Ohio Connections Academy is a great
school because the teachers are great, the curriculum is great, the school itself is
so well rounded. The families are great that you interact with. Anna: I started at OCA as a student when I
was eleven years old. I graduated from OCA, ever since then I wanted to teach at OCA because
I really loved my school as a student and I’ve continued to love it as a teacher. Vanessa: They are awesome teachers. Yahaela: My teachers are fun and cool. Destiny: My teachers name is Mrs. Travis.
It’s fun and it’s kind of like she’s my best friend. Aza: The teachers very much encouraged them
to want to learn. Jason: At Ohio Connections Academy it’s so
easy to have a great relationship with families cause we’re constantly working in our live
lesson classrooms, on the phone, just able to really create a great rapport with our
families. Molly: That’s really what brought me to Ohio
Connections Academy. I really like being able to work with the family. Salma: The teachers are very interactive and
any time I give a call I always receive a message back or a call back. Gene: If the student is new I get to know
then right away. I get to know them very well. I get to know their likes, their dislikes.
I get to know where they’re strong at academically and where they might struggle. I can then
relay that information to other teachers and they too can build on that relationship that
I have already built on. Anna: Most of the time when I talk to my students,
it’s through live lessons. That’s a really important way to talk with all of them at
once and to have that interaction everyday in math live lessons where we’re talking about
the material, but we also get to laugh, and joke around, and get to know each other. Lillian: OCA helps me do better in school
by giving me the one on one time that I need. Aza: My girls enjoy it. They enjoy learning
now. Vanessa: They love it. They learn life skills.
They get a great education and they grow. They grow in every area of their life. We
wouldn’t have it any other way.

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