Ohio State Campus Workout Spots

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Ohio State Campus Workout Spots

– My name is Sly Worthy and today we’re gonna check out
workout spots around campus. Right now we’re at the RPAC one of the largest rec centers in the nation. So let’s go check it out. I’m standing on one of the
150 cardio machines we have. It ranges from ellipticals, treadmills, you name it we got it. After a good sweat, let’s go cool down. We got Olympic pools,
leisure pools, lap pools, we got all the pools. Feeling a little more adventurous? The ARC is the place to be. Besides the regular things
you’d see at the gym, we also have batting cages, soccer fields, and outdoor adventure center. Right now I’m on a rock climbing wall and I think I’m gonna break my new record. Nah I’m just playing I don’t do heights. One kayak please.
– Sure no problem. (slow upbeat music) Did I mention a huge indoor soccer field? (slow upbeat music) Got me. Sometimes you just gotta get in the cages. (bat smacking) Time to go to our next location, North Rec. This is a great place
for students to work out because we’re right here
in the heart of campus. You ready? – Yep let’s do this. (slow upbeat music) Ah. – You finally did it Sly, great job! – This is also a great place to come join a fitness class. (slow upbeat music) By the way it’s leg day. (slow upbeat music) Now we’re in JO North, this place was built in 1976 and it still has that old school feel. With all this turf, it’s a great place for strength training. Hey you guys it’s been real. Like and subscribe, comment below your favorite
work out places on campus. (slow upbeat music) (people cheering) That was great!

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