Ohio State Online Faculty

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Ohio State Online Faculty

My favorite thing about teaching online are definitely the students and how I connect and how they connect with me. So, one of the things we identified early on in developing a distance program was that we wanted our students to feel connected to the program, we wanted them to feel connected to Ohio State, and we wanted them to feel connected to each other in their cohort and also with their faculty. This is not an online degree. This is an Ohio State University degree. The same standards, the same degree, the same degree of excellence. I really feel that I get to know the students even better online. I’m amazed how you can get to know people online even just with email or reading their papers things like that. So whether they live in California or whether they live here in Ohio, I know these students just like they were students in my classroom. We’re not forming programs that are just web-based PowerPoint presentations. We really want the students to get to know the instructors. We encourage our instructors to really have to put ourselves forward like we would in a classroom. I think the connection tends to be a little bit deeper when we teach online. It’s not exactly the same as being a face-to-face student, but that they have a skill set and actually develop an additional skill set by being an online student. Somehow there seems to be more of a synergy that develops. I think between the online kind of discussions and those kind of things it really turns out to be a nice interaction process. Seek out the opportunities that are there. Don’t miss out on the opportunities when you have an excellent faculty and peers that you can learn from. Pursue knowledge and perhaps you’ll find it.

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