Oklahoma Connections Academy Online School Overview

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Melissa: Oklahoma Connections Academy is a
virtual K through 12 school, completely tuition free. Hosteen: It serves that perfect situation
for those families that really need that choice and need another option. It’s not traditional so in the fact that they
need another choice, we really fill that service very well. Melissa: Today is our face to face family
picnic. It’s kind of a back to school bash. The students get to interact with their teachers. We get to meet our students in person. Shelly: We love to come to the back to school
picnic every year because we get to meet new students. This is our sixth year. It’s grown and grown. My favorite thing about Oklahoma Connections
Academy is the teachers. Their heart for the kids. If I need them they’re there. Melissa: I have never seen teachers so involved
in a kid’s education as I do at Oklahoma Connections Academy. I communicate with students every day. It’s nothing for me to call a family and talk
to the mom and have a one on one conversation with her and she’s completely involved. Hosteen: We really try to help our students
know that we’re at their fingertips. Whether they want to be on a phone call or
jumping into the video conferencing Live Lesson room, you know, or just sending us a simple
WebMail question. Dru: I love Oklahoma Connections Academy because
it fits my lifestyle. Hosteen: Oklahoma Connections is able to just
be that situation where it really meets different school needs, academic needs, socialization
needs, you know whatever that might be. Melissa: I chose Oklahoma Connections Academy
for the better curriculum, the more flexibility. My son wasn’t able to get really what he needed
in the regular brick and mortar school. Hannah: It’s been really flexible and easy
for me to work around my basketball schedule with my school so that’s been the most important
thing because I have practices most of the time from two hours in the middle of the day
and sometimes late at night. I can turn in my stuff when I need to. Dru: I could do maybe math and science before
my job and then maybe when I get off I can come home and finish my other classes out. Jewel: At my last school I was a bit ahead
in math but I wasn’t in the gifted and talented because we didn’t have that program at my
last school, but at Connections I’m getting to do algebra as a seventh grader, which I
really like. Melissa: I think my favorite thing about Connections
Academy is that I can be involved in my kid’s school. I know what they’re learning when they’re
learning. I know if they’re having problems then I’m
able to go over it some more with them to make sure they’re really getting an understanding
for what they’re supposed to be learning. Shelly: Oklahoma Connections Academy has been
a blessing, and they have worked with us every step of the way. [OKLAHOMA CONNECTIONS ACADEMY SCHOOL LOGO]

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