Online Agribusiness Degree – Student Story: Emily B.

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Online Agribusiness Degree – Student Story: Emily B.

My name is Emily Beatty. I am a graduate of Colorado State University’s agricultural business degree. I got my degree online. I live in Lithia, Florida with my husband Derek and our three dogs, four horses, five cats, and 25 chickens. When I met Derek, he was interested in horses and cattle. Our dreams and goals are to one day have our own beef operation. For the last six years we had talked about having our own property and having our own farm and everything, and now it’s here and I still have to pinch myself on a daily basis. I was looking for a program that would suit my needs as far as being able to stay with my husband who’s in the military, travel across the country, move wherever we needed to move… but also dive into the agricultural world and give me the foundation that I was seeking. The ag-business degree definitely showed me the behind-the-scenes look into what an operation looks like on paper. Being a part of Colorado State University, even at a distance, made me feel like I was one of their own from the very beginning. They just always wanted to make sure all of my questions were answered, all of my needs were met. I knew that I had found the right program and I had accomplished what I set out to do. Graduation was beyond anything I could imagine. Your heart is pounding. You’re excited. Walking across the stage felt like a million dollars, like I did it.

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