Online Bachelor of Arts in English | Ashford University


Online Bachelor of Arts in English | Ashford University

[Dr. Wilson]: Hi, I’m Dr. Jonathon Wilson
and I am the chair of the English program. People think of English and they do think of grammar, they think of reading, and we teach, of course, literary theory, which is my favorite course. Our program is very diverse, the idea is when you get an English degree from Ashford you can kind of make it whatever you’re focused on. So if you are planning on going into,
you know, a corporate field, you would probably take more of the tech writing route. We do
advance critical thinking and reading and writing skills, which, of course, run a gamut
of different things. For the professional field too, we have a lot of our students that
are going to go into editing. They’re going to go into something very new with technology, the way it’s been, we see a lot of our graduates actually starting with building
Web content and I have not seen a business course or even a tech writing course that
taught students the way that Ashford courses do on how to market themselves appropriately
for these professional and business jobs.

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