Online BS in Business | CUNY SPS

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Online BS in Business | CUNY SPS

CUNY SPS is a great school for someone who
is looking to get a very serious education and what I found is a lot of
the people who were in this program had a lot of great experiences that they
could bring to the table in their discussions and the teachers have a lot
of great experience that we can go off of too.>>Well I already had a two-year
degree from my local Community College and,when I moved to New York, I chose
this program because I was looking for affordability and flexibility but I was also looking for a program
that was ranked and well respected and that’s
very important when you’re already mid-career and entrenched and what
you’re doing in the workplace. So this was a
great fit for me.>>When I went to school then it became
more conducive towards, you know what, now I understand
why we do business this way. Now I understand the dynamics of
how business is conducted and that gives you the
confidence– the way you know that you’re making the right decision, regardless of
whether or not things go right or wrong but you know is something that basically
is done versus something that you just
tried in error.>>Even though it’s an
online school you would assume it’s very
isolated. But in fact it’s instilled a
sort of a networking skill set that I didn’t initially have and it’s made me a
little bit more extroverted. I started reaching out to
potential employers and I was even surprised by how many
positive responses I got based on the skillset of writing kind of daily
to all my peers in class.>>Working online is very
convenient and flexible. If you’re disciplined and it’s nice to
be able to work ahead a little bit and have a
situation where you can do work in the middle of the night or in the
mid-afternoon, or when you come home from work. or only on the weekends.>>I got students all over the country and we’re working together collaborating and doing
projects and, you know, getting assignments completed. That taught me
something that’s a valuable lesson: the people is the heart and soul of business. And, through people, you can utilize that
and put them into something that’s conducive to get the company to grow. I find that to be most
rewarding because, not only do you succeed in business —
you grow as an individual. You learn things that you
probably never even thought of before. You learn different perspectives on how
to not just operate and how to do things but also how to think.

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