Online collaboration in Public Schools NSW

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Music I am teaching at Ulladulla High School, which is a school on the South Coast of NSW. So, we’re situated approximately three hours south of Sydney. So, being a teacher in a rural school I’m finding that the use of technology makes it easier for not only the students but myself and other staff members to access information for students that is not restricted by location and where they live. I’ve actually created that document and I’ve shared it with you but now what we need to do is make it live and we need to make it collaborative online. With the software in particular I like to use a variety of software tools including Microsoft 365, including Staff Notebooks and also Class Notebooks. The paperless concept in my classroom is definitely driven by my agenda to make sure that students are well equipped for when they actually leave school. So, working in a technological environment is a reality for students when they go to university and onto further employment. We have faculty groups actually sharing resources. So, online collaboration makes it easy in that again we can access our resources and do our class preparation from any device, anywhere and at anytime. Schools are very, very busy places. And being able to collaborate online made things a lot simpler to deliver a lot of information to a wide range of people across a fairly large network of schools. Jo and I were able to work together across multiple sites anywhere, anytime to really make sure that the professional learning is targeted to the needs of our teachers and then most importantly our students. I’m good thanks, how are you? Good, have you got a moment to talk about the evaluations for the technology and education? I’m just going to put you on speaker and we can talk it through. What were you thinking about starting with? I think we need to look at feedback from term one which will help to inform our directions, our sessions for term three and open it up more widely to staff from across our community of schools. If a student is at home and they’re working on an assignment and it’s eight thirty at night and they’re stuck and they’re not sure which direction to go in, they can see if their teacher’s online and if they are they can ask them a question, they can get instant support, they can also talk to other students in their class to get ideas as well. It’s just an excellent tool. I started using Google Classroom this year and I absolutely love it. The kids love it. You can put whatever you need up into a scenario where the kids can then be independent learners. When you get onto Google Classroom you’ll find the ‘Stop the Flood’ and what that is it’s going to give you the idea of what you need to do for your beaver dam. It’s revolutionary in a way that kids can learn now because it’s more catering towards the way they learn rather than us standing up the front talking. Today, I was actually using a Google Survey where I was looking at the interaction of the children in each group as I walked around. So, therefore I’ve got that for my assessment tool. So, it is going to be two cups and the two cups are going to be full. And by using the technology that I do and by giving those tools to the students I believe that I am making those kids or enabling those kids to be a lot better with what they do and what they present. And they can go to high school and they will have all these tools already embedded in their learning that they can then garner and use in a useful way when they’re in high school. Music .

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