Online College Computer Courses


Online College Computer Courses

Hi, I’m Tom Antion for the Internet Marketing
Training Center of Virginia. I know you’re looking for online college
computer courses. One of my first questions would be, why? Yes, I know you want to operate your computer
better, but lot of people want a career in working with computers. Computers should really be a tool to help
you do other much bigger things. And you might love fiddling with computers. You might love tinkering with them. But remember, in this economy, you have to
do things that earn a living and really a good living. So, using a computer for your marketing, for
sales, for having your own home business is probably a much bigger thing and going to
make a lot more money than actually working on computers. So if this interests you at all, visit our
website, where you can get a career brochure for free to see if selling
on the Internet, working for a company on their website and their marketing, and their
Internet marketing, and their Email marketing, and their eCommerce, and all that stuff could
be right for you. I’m Tom Antion, the founder. I’ll see you over there.

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  1. Harish Chandra says:

    Thanks for the sharing informative video. its true that If you love to work with computers, see how an education in Internet Marketing can help you make more money quite easily.

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