Online Concert Engages 500 Schools

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Online Concert Engages 500 Schools

My name is Leigh Cassell and I’m a teacher at Stephen Central Public School and today our entire school so students in grades k-6 had the pleasure of enjoying a free online councert by Dave Ruch try this did one of those words sound like our something like one of our English words Saturday! of course yes Saturday What they were singing was everybody loves Saturday night Dave Ruch is a teacher musicians singer songwriter historian and folklorist from Buffalo New York and today he broadcast his free concert live in celebration of connected educator month this is an Indian topa drum made by that man and his two sons on that dirt floor in India I think you can see pretty quickly that it has a couple of circles on the top in fact three of them so I found out real quick if you hit it on this black circle in the middle doesn’t sound very good if you hit it on the white cream coloured circle on the outside doesn’t sound very good but if you hit it on the white part in between sounds like a drum so what the Indian tabo players do with this drum is they put their right hand on it they use these two fingers everyone hold up a piece sign for me those are the two fingers that the Indian tapo players use and what they do is they pratice for about 15 years in order to get those fingers strong enough and flexible enough to make 30 or 40 different sounds on the tapo drum during his councert our students were singing songs and laughing and dancing and having a great time well he told us story’s about his travels to India Africa Russia and Ireland ♪ music ♪ I hope that other schools in Avon Maitland took the opportunity to sign up for Dave’s free concert and enjoyed the day that we enjoyed this afternoon

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