Online Course Design Process Overview (Normandale Community college)

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Online Course Design Process Overview (Normandale Community college)

Backwards course design is the process used to achieve an integrated course, which is you’re goal. there are three major components to any
course notice the direction of the arrows you
always start with the learning outcomes then design assessment activities to
test them and teaching and learning activities to help the students achieve
them. An integrated course is your goal. The three elements are there, notice
the arrows however go back and forth. The key to an integrated course is to
align the learning outcomes assessments and teaching and learning
activities. To do this we use bloom’s taxonomy or levels of learning. there are six taps in creating a course
whether it’s for online, hybrid, or face-to-face delivery. with a little consulting it’ll be easier
to design or redesign your own course. E-mail me, “Nancy Ludden” to get some help starting the process.

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