Online Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degree Completion Program

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Online Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degree Completion Program

>>The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree
Completion Program is a really exciting program for students
because it allows them to complete the same
degree online as they would get on campus.>>The people that you use
as professors in the courses that you’re in actually are the
same people that you would have if you were at a
class on campus.>>We have a wonderful
blend of people who do very well with research. We have a background in law
enforcement, or corrections, or probation, or the law, which also provides students
a really good opportunity to get the best of both
worlds, because they get that scholarly input,
but also real world view of how these different
disciplines work.>>There’s two degree
plans for students. They can either do a traditional
degree which allows them to select a minor, or
the comprehensive program which students complete
all their course work in criminal justice
related courses.>>It’s just a great program. We have lots of different
students that are taking it
all across the world. We also have students that are
taking both classes and online because it works well for them. So, it really does work for so many different
types of students.>>One of the unique aspects
of our program is that in order to graduate you have
to go through– I say have to, you get to go
through an internship program, where you work with one of our
staff members to coordinate where you would like to take. You don’t have to have
to come to Carney. I have one who’s
working on one in Peru. It’s really, truly kind of a
world view of criminal justice.>>Students in the online
program receive the same degree as students on campus. It does not indicate
anywhere on the degree that it’s an online degree.>>The course numbers,
the certificates, and your diploma are going to be
from the University of Nebraska, and so I think it’s
really important for people to understand what
differentiates us between some of the more just full
time, for profit, online programs is you’re
still an individual. We don’t see you as a
number on a piece of paper. In most cases, students find
they have more one-on-one interaction on an online
course then you would in a classroom course. One of the things I pride
myself is I can usually get back to somebody within in an hour
after they ask me questions. So, it’s very real time. Probably more responsive
sometimes then you would find even some traditional campuses.>>If a student is interested in this program they
should contact myself, or anyone in our department,
and we can help walk them through the program and
what they need to get done on the admissions side. I’m also happy to Skype them,
whatever it takes to walk them through the process and
look over their transcripts to help them determine where they would come
in to the program.

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