Online Degree at Guilford Technical Community College

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Online Degree at Guilford Technical Community College

Welcome to GTCC’s
eLearning Department. If you’re here,
chances are, you’re interested in the
eDegree Program and would like to know
more information about it. The eDegree Program affords the
detailed task-oriented student the ability to fit school
into their personal lives. I graduated from high
school many years ago. And although I’d taken
several continuing education classes over the
years, I’ve never been able to seriously
pursue a college degree. I decided to come
back to school when we chose to homeschool
one of our children. And I realized I had
forgotten a lot of what I had I learned in high school. I started doing some
research and that’s when I found the
eDegree Program at GTCC. It was affordable,
convenient, and would allow me to work at my own pace. I did have to take the
prerequisite on campus class. But even with this, I was able
to take it in the evenings after I got my family fed, kids’
homework done, and everyone settled down for the night. I had some adjusting to do. I had to figure
out a schedule that would accommodate getting
my schoolwork done in a timely manner, and done
as well as I could do it, and also keeping up with
my commitments at home. There were times I had to
let one or the other suffer. However, for the
most part, I settled into a routine that has
worked fairly well ever since. I set aside time each day
to work on my schoolwork. The eDegree Program has
allowed me the flexibility to do my schoolwork in
many places– in my pajamas at my kitchen counter, on
the deck of a cruise ship, sitting at the waiting
room at the dentist’s office, an airport lobby,
in hotels, on airplanes, at and on the beach, sitting out
by a pool, sitting on a train, and in the hospital,
to name a few. Since Kristine started
with an eDegree Program, several new all online degrees,
diplomas, and certificates, besides the AA in
general studies, have been added, which gives
even more opportunities to students. And while this sounds
like a dream way to complete a
college program, it’s not for the easily
distracted or undisciplined. Going online, keeping up with
due dates, tests, and homework, and communicating with your
instructors is up to you. If you still feel like this is
something you want to pursue, feel free to follow
the links provided to begin your edegree career.

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