Online Degree Completion Programs- Pamela Carr

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Online Degree Completion Programs- Pamela Carr

Hello, my name is Pamela Carr. I’m from
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m enrolled in the philanthropy and nonprofit
management program at Slippery Rock. What I would like to do when I’m finished is
really work in a faith-based community, helping churches connect and get
resources so it can serve its lay members and really impact the community
in which it is in. I have been in the process of looking for an institution
that would take, you know, I have well over forty classes between my business
and my liberal arts, so I’ve been searching vigorously for an institution,
a university that would take my classes and kind of put me on the path to
getting done and searching, searching and my friend found Slippery Rock! I was so
excited. So without Slippery Rock, I would not be
able to complete my program and connect me to what I want to do. Not just
complete my program, or complete a degree… connect me to my passion and I really
like that. I find that a lot of the materials for our assignments are
written by people who kind of gone through this process and are working in
this particular type of area. If you’re really interested in the nonprofit
sector this this program seems to give you experiences that you can just take
with you, learn, and start applying it. You learn as you grow, and it’s one of the
things that I’m finding exciting about it. The knowledge that you gain is very
enriching, and it’s enriching on a personal level and it will tap into whatever is
driving you towards that feel.

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