Online Degrees and Certificates at TCC

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Online Degrees and Certificates at TCC

Sandra Parker here with Peter Shaw who
is a business professor at Tidewater Community College and today we’re going
to be discussing TCC’s online degree programs and courses
and professor Shaw, I know that this is a growing area in education. Without a
doubt and TCC is also part of the game. We already offer ten online degree
programs to match the busy lifestyles of the students that surround our area. And
how does the online course work actually look? It matches the same structure and
rigor that you would see in a lecture based course. You’ll have access to
online lectures that I’ve recorded, that match the classroom lectures. You’ll have
the same practice quizzes for each chapter. There’s a skyping feature where the
student can Skype directly with a professor in on a add needed basis or
with a group of students. So if they had a question or they needed help they can
get it. Absolutely. Oh that’s amazing. Alright thank you so much for sharing
that with us. And if you’d like to find out more information about TCC’s
online degrees and certificates just visit

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