Online Degrees and Certificates Source

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Online Degrees and Certificates Source

Hello everyone I’m sorry I’m not able to
be there in person today. I have a meeting conflict and unfortunately I am one of the primaries at another meeting that I need to be a participant in. I did want to talk a
little bit today about our online degrees and certificates.
Hopefully you received a handout that shows or with several of our degrees that you can achieve
completely online now. So we wanted to put that out there. There is both a separation of those approved by our state regents already and then ones that are
being approved or hopefully will be approved soon. We had some letters sent out to the
Regent’s office to essentially let them extend those degrees to online as well. A lot of the reason
we’re doing this is over the past couple of years we’ve noticed
not so much a decrease in our online enrollments, but kind of a plateauing of our online enrollments and actually
this semester, at least currently, we are in the
semester our enrollments are down and so we really don’t promote the online degrees
and certificates like we should and especially beyond our geographic
region which we think, you know, we we offer several degrees that
may not be available elsewhere so we wanna promote this throughout the state of
Oklahoma and then we also participate in what’s called the Southern
Regional Electronic Campus which is a fourteen state consortium our state regents have
joined the state Oklahoma into that allows us
to put our programs; our degrees and our certificates
online and share them. What’s neat about that if a student lets say in Louisiana wanted to take one of those degrees online at TCC, they would do it at in-state tuition so that’s one agreement
that the Regent’s have worked out for us. So it’s a good venue that we’re looking at exploring and hopefully by fall we’ll actually be promoting that a little bit more heavily as we work with marketing to try to push
and put information out there about our degrees. Something else that’s pretty interesting is that most students don’t realize this but all the gen ed course pretty much in any
degree program even ones that are not online but all the gen ed classes that you would
take for those degrees are available online and so we wanna
kinda promote that as well that students can take all of the gen eds we’ll call it e-core curriculum all of their gen ed course online as a head start. Maybe they are postponing starting their degree plan because you know they feel like they have to come to campus for their program so this is one thing we also plan to pursue and market is promoting our e-core or gen ed classes online as kind of a jump start into their degree plan so
anyway that’s kinda where there at. Hopefully I’m everyone has seen the list now and says wow we actually do have a lot of degrees online which is pretty significant. What is interesting to me at the
bottom of that list there’s one program that’s ninety-five percent
online and that’s physical education program very
interesting there’s only one class shy which is the physics lab, or physics class and that is offered blended but were kind of
on the fence as to whether we should market any program unless it is achievable 100% online so where it was the the one that was so close, but not
quite there. So,if you have any questions please ask
Jennifer or Lynnda I’m sure they’ll be able to answer that
Thank you very much. Take care.

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