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Online Doctor of Nursing Practice School | Gonzaga University Online

I was waiting, honestly waiting, for
Gonzaga to get this program online, and ready to go because I wanted it, because
I felt I needed it. And so when Gonzaga decided to launch the program, I
wanted to be the first one in, and and I kind of wanted to be the first one out, and so I was driven. I’ve decided to attend the Doctored Online Nursing
program for Gonzaga because health care today is very complicated, and I believe
that the doctorate program will continue to educate me, so that I can best
navigate the medical system as it is today and how its evolving. I know that I
will get an excellent education here. It allows us to move forward with our degree
and maintain that scholarly approach that will boost our career and boost
nurse practitioners in general I think as a whole, as a career field. It supports
my moral, and my ethic, and my drive to give the best, give the best care that I
know how. We’re all seasoned in the area that we are specializing in. To come into
a program and be appreciated for our own work, I think is really important. You
come in with a certain vulnerability right, you come in as a student again
when you’ve been the expert in your field for many many years. And to be
vulnerable, but yet be respected is a delicate balance, and I felt that, and I appreciated that a lot. It emphasizes independence, it emphasizes prioritization, and it emphasizes getting
the information that you need to deal well with a patient. Gonzaga carries
weight. The name Gonzaga has a lot of respect, people know it nationally. They
know Gonzaga for the academic rigor and I feel real proud to say that my
doctorate degree is from Gonzaga University. The work that we do is about
serving patients, and it’s about preparing nurses. I think the DNP program
will prepare me. It’s one more step in the direction of being able to provide
the best possible care and apply those practices to my profession. It makes a
difference as far as my ability to publish my data, independently maintain
primary authorship, to move forward with different lectures that I do
internationally and nationally, and for my patients. They’re proud of the work I
do, and I’m there for them. And the fact that I did get my doctorate, and I have
that standing behind my name now, they feel proud of that as well. They’re not
coming here just to get a piece of paper, they’re coming here to to get the
knowledge and the skill that they need to be better practitioners, and better
leaders, and better educators. Getting my Doctorate of Nursing Practice through
Gonzaga really has given me the tools that I feel are necessary to drive my
work forward. Gonzaga really has allowed me to fine-tune my academic message, even
my political message, as I move forward to try to change policy, to try to
advocate for my patients. Having that doctorate now, I can decide one day if I
want to teach, if I want to contribute from an academic standpoint, if I want to
continue with publishing research as I continue to see patients
and contribute from a clinical standpoint. Having the doctorate
behind my name gives me a perspective that my patients will benefit from. I
would tell a nurse who is considering advanced practice and considering an
online program that they’re not going to get anything better than Gonzaga. I
truthfully wanted my degree through Gonzaga. I got my masters through
Gonzaga, and I’m here in Spokane, I’m proud to be here in Spokane. I believe in
Gonzaga. I believe in the the instructors, I believe in the nursing department, I
believe in the philosophy of Gonzaga, and now there’s no roadblocks. I’m ready to
roll. That’s it, I mean there’s no looking back. I have so many options available
that’s the beauty of nursing.

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