Online Electrical Engineering Degree | American Public University (APU)

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Online Electrical Engineering Degree | American Public University (APU)

I graduated with a bachelors in
electrical engineering at Oklahoma State University. I also got a master’s in electrical
engineering at University of Oklahoma, and a PhD in electrical engineering at Southern Methodist University. One thing special about that is I actually worked full-time while I was
working on doctorate work. So, I kind of understand the student you know having to work full-time and
then come home and actually study and get their assignments in. Our academic program, some things that make it unique, is that we’re completely online. That’s intellectual
engineering. Work we do… We have labs throughout the program. We have labs from the very beginning courses through
the concentration portions. Where you usually get your lab content in a traditional school would be in the senior, the senior
design course, and we also include a senior design
course for you to work your projects. I’m kinda excited about this radar
systems class because we actually have the students build their own radar.
So, were they buy the components and they put it
together and then they can do doppler radar, with a radar gun. They can actually calculate the speed of the baseball, their walking speed, a car (that’s a nice one). We have some faculty that have real experience in communications
wireless, signal processing, and then radars. They’ve been in the radar field for about 20 years. So, we have those quality professors working program. I’ve taught
college algebra a few terms here, and the students come in they say man I hate I hate mathematics, I hate mathematics and say okay I said mathematics is just…
mathematics is just a skill. You know, college algebra is
just a skill. That’s one of the basic skills you shouldn’t let math keep you from… if you love electronics and you love the idea of being an engineer don’t let the math hold you up. Learn the skill. Take the
time to learn the skill. You’re going to be afraid at first and you’re going to think man this is I can ever get this but you can get it. It just takes hard work.

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