Online Experience at Northeastern

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Online Experience at Northeastern

there are people that I communicated
with nationwide and also worldwide one of my classmates or Web makes was
obvious from South Africa so getting a
perspective on what was going on South Africa regarding physical therapy and patient
interventions like outlets was really amazing, was really neat
even though its online you still have to be here all the time
after be persistent have to be organized like I said as you have excellent track online I
personally have a lot of trouble speaking up class I get very nervous on for the online you know they’re
discussing forums so you can really say what’s on your
mind gots know people you never would have no I can’t say enough about it for
people that I’ve never actually met face to face I it’s amazing how much you can learn
from people like that working upon you can form and actually
looking for me was you I think I’m I let it was like that big for because I couldn’t commit I face great honey and Council I an art fix complex like me allowed me to speak to class that attack ask made learning
quarterbacks with me so my suggestion would be for
anyone purses online learning to find a friend
reach out to them get a phone number see you can also
supplement contact by telephone you might find somebody who is a close
to you but then lost to yep up interacting with people from all
over the world

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