Online Guitar Degree Overview | Berklee Online | Guitar


Online Guitar Degree Overview | Berklee Online | Guitar

(Music) The way that we relate to the guitar it’s personal and it’s internalised and
I encourage my students to find their own way to relate to their own
instruments. To me the guitar is two pieces of wood slapped together with strings on it that makes you feel great. I love the guitar because
it can be so many things it can be acoustic it can be electric, it can be distorted, it can be clean. I personally believe that guitar is
for everyone that’s a can do it anyone can play
guitar the journey of learning guitar for me
began with the simple acoustic few chords and then of course studying with
other people just helped improve my methods and make shorter work of some
things if you have access to some of the
greatest minds on the instrument then you will learn there’s no better way to
immerse yourself in the craft Tarzan escape it’s pure fun and try to
help preserve that I want to bring that to the activity to the lessons when i
teach go grab a guitar that you really love even if it’s something different than
what people tell you is good I was in a little music shop in New
Hampshire and I saw his guitar this one is offended stretch it’s made
by fender and it’s a model called the highway want to hit the low teens this is a canton custom guitar it’s the
guitar that I the loop here this particular guitar i got when i was
in Las Vegas I get a show in vegas for a year and that was you know early
nineties i still got it – I love between my favorite lead guitars extension of
myself my musical thoughts when what’s going on in my mind here and it’s
developed over life it’s just an overall enjoy love is
nothing like sounds of an electric guitar 401 and you got this you know just believe in
the guitar play the guitar that you really love go after the style that you
really want to trust that because I think ultimately that’s the thing that
will enable you to find your voice and music

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  1. Rony Andrews says:

    Jane Miller Madam will you please give a poor yet an insane lover of guitar to come and learn from you and be something. I am from India. I wanna devote the rest of my life to this instrument and also make a living out of it. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP

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