Online HDFS Bachelor’s Degree – Student Story: Jessica A.

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Online HDFS Bachelor’s Degree – Student Story: Jessica A.

My name is Jessica Anglin and I am a student in the Human Development and Family Studies program at Colorado State University. As of August of 2009, I was considered a disabled veteran of the United States Navy. At that point I didn’t know what to do with my life, so I reflected and I realized that I always liked to work with kids. I decided to pursue a degree in Human Development and Family Studies at University of Nevada, Reno. Halfway through my second year I met somebody and moved to Sacramento to be with him. I started researching online options, so that I could work at the same time. I wanted a really strong degree, from a good strong school, but I also wanted it online. I found Colorado State University had an online program in their HDFS department that was a three-year, accelerated HDFS degree. I was working about 35 hours a week. I had my time scheduled very detailed to make sure I had time to do all the homework. As an online student, I thought it would be a lot more difficult to get to know my professors. Didn’t have any issues at all getting to know many of my professors. Dr. Aberle just kind of goes deeper, beyond the text and really provides that extra outlet, if you need it, which is perfect for me, because I like to apply a lot more than just what’s required for the course. I’m able to take what I’m learning in her class, share it with the parents I co-parent with, and then apply it to what we’re teaching the children. I’m really motivated to travel before I turn thirty. There’s a program in New Zealand that’s called Au Pair Link. They link you with a family. I will qualify for the highest skill set, which means I can be placed with the family as an educator. For anybody who is looking for a human development program with teachers that are respectful, that are willing to develop relationships with you, and advisers that are with you every step of the way to make sure that all of your goals are being met, CSU is above par.

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