Online Horticulture Bachelor’s Degree Program – Jennifer Bousselot

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Online Horticulture Bachelor’s Degree Program – Jennifer Bousselot

Horticulture is important for a lot of
reasons. It’s really what feeds us. It’s growing fruits and vegetables, it’s also
cultivating vineyards so we can have wine. It’s also creating green spaces
that we can enjoy in unusual locations like this green roof. A bachelor’s degree in horticulture demonstrates that you’re willing to go above beyond and be a
leader in the horticulture industry. It gives you well-rounded experience in all
facets of horticulture from greenhouse to nursery production to landscape, and
everything that’s related to it. A lot of our students already work in the
horticultural industry but need a bachelor’s degree in order to advance to
leadership roles. Our program includes a significant amount of coursework in
business skills as well as production and science. We find it’s important to
include those business skills so that they can run a complete business on
their own. Our horticulture courses are all taught by our research faculty who
have active research programs doing cutting-edge projects leading towards
improvements in the horticulture industry. Working with all different
industries to advance the technology of the sciences. In my online classes I use
live captured lectures with my students that are on campus. One of the things
that I try to include are examples of my own research, so that a student
can see what are the possibilities and where the industry might be going. By including the LED lighting research in courses that I’m teaching would also
allow the online students to see what are some of the opportunities past what
they might read in a textbook. If you share our interest in
horticulture don’t hesitate to contact us.

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