Online Instructor Interview- Education Connection

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Online Instructor Interview- Education Connection

My name is Tom Nguyen and I’m an Academic
Department Chair for a school for paralegal studies. I’ve been doing this for about 5
years now and in the past I have worked as a paralegal, supervised paralegals and have
also done a lot of legal work for places such as GT world headquarters, intellectual property
law. I’ve worked for the US Navy Reserve. I’ve been a White house intern, working as
an agency liaison working with some of the lawyers there so I bring a lot of that experience
from law, government and business into the classroom where I can to help the students.
At the top online paralegal schools the lawyers- most of the teachers are lawyers- are licensed
lawyers or they graduated from an ABA-approved law school. Most of them have to have paralegal
related experience. What I mean by that is that the directors have to A. have worked
as a paralegal, supervised paralegals or been trained by paralegals. Or have a degree for
teaching law, which is the juris doctorate. My main focus is to make sure that the reader
or the student comes through at the end of the course knowing all the fundamental things
that they have to know the in a certain area of law, whether it’s business organizations,
contract law, introduction to paralegal studies, whatever the course might be. Most attorneys
when they hire a paralegal they want to know that a paralegal has knowledge about the law
from the different phases whether it’s civil litigation, helping an attorney prepare a
case from the initial intake interview all the way to the appeals stage if possible and
online education offers a great preparation for that because students actually sit in
classes where most of the instructors at a lot of online schools don’t only teach the
law, but they practice it everyday and I think that practice and application that lawyers
can share with many online students can help them see a different view of things. Like
at some schools, maybe at some traditional schools, the teachers, all they do is teach
research all day which is fine and good, I mean that’s pretty important. But you need
the practical experience to share it with students to help them work well wherever they
end up.

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