Online learning: Keys to success

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Online learning: Keys to success

You’ve decided to take an online course – you’re in great company! The popularity and prevalence of online classes
is on the rise. 31% of all college students now take at least
one class online, and 4 million students took online classes in 2012. Just like in face to face classes, succeeding
in online classes requires a lot of persistence – it requires sacrifice, dedication, and hard
work. Aside from the fact that you can do online
courses in your pajamas and at home, there are some key differences that you’ll want
to keep in mind to make sure that you can succeed in an online framework. The online framework means that you both need
to know what kinds of technology requirements your particular class has, and that you’ll
have consistent access to them. It’s incredibly important that you’ve got
a backup plan. For instance, you need to know what you will
do when, not if, but when your computer crashes. One of the biggest keys to success in online
learning is blocking out time frames for doing homework. In face to face classes this done for you,
so make sure that you build a schedule of your own. By far and away, the students that I see struggling
in online classes, struggle because they forget due dates. Make sure to plug all due dates for your assignments
into your calendar – for instance, into your smart phone. Making sure that you have a space in which
you can work on your class distraction free is also really important. That space might be a dedicated home office,
or it might be a corner of your kitchen island. Perhaps it’s your favorite corner of the couch,
or perhaps it’s your favorite coffee shop down the street. Wherever that space is, just make sure it’s
somewhere you can focus on you and your schoolwork. Without that dedicated space, it’s hard to
do well. Keeping these things in mind – technology,
time management, due dates, and having a dedicated space to do your work, will make sure that
you get the best outcome of your online course.

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