Online Marketing Degree Program, SNHU Testimonial

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Hi, I’m Benny [INAUDIBLE]. I live in Baton
Rouge, Louisiana. And I own [INAUDIBLE]
Advertising Agency. And I’ve been going to SNHU to
complete my degree in marketing for the last couple of years. And I’m on my last course
prior to graduation. I think when you make a decision
to pursue an online degree, provided you find the right
university like I think I have, it really sows into your
life and just makes you a better person personally. It makes you better person
professionally as well. It’s gone way past
what I’m in it for. Because not only is it
speaking into my life and into my business
right now, it’s speaking into my
children’s lives. Some of whom have been able
to finish their degrees in their 20s and some who
are still working at it in their 20s. But they’ve been able
to look at me and go, you know what, dad
had an unfinished goal that he was trying
to accomplish, and by god, he
went and did that. I truly feel SNHU is true
to their military members. Now, I am medically
retired from years back. But every military person I’ve
ever met through all the years that I’ve been doing SNHU, we’ve
all shared that same gratitude, I think. For getting to know each
other through the university, for the university having such
a strong sense of commitment to the military members. That’s been fabulous as well. A lot of times you
get an adviser. Whether you’re live in
school on campus or online. And especially online. I think it would
lend one to think, yeah right, I have an
adviser, what does that mean? But every single
time I’ve called. And Autumn, for the last year
or two, has been with me. If I ask her a
question, she’s on it. So to have someone who can
stand with you side by side and care enough about
you as a person. Not just the number, not
just an online number, not just this person’s paying
to go to school here, but actually stand by you
to see you reach that goal and succeed in your degree
has been immeasurable for me. So that’s been a
huge, huge plus. And probably the
focal point of me recommending this
university to other people.

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