Online Marketing. Old-School Service. | Bama Bed and Breakfast

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Online Marketing. Old-School Service. | Bama Bed and Breakfast

We have actually been running a bed and breakfast
for ten years. If there was one thing I was put on earth
to do, it would be to be a mother. We’ve have 25 foster kids that were floating
in and out, we adopted some – three of our foster children. We were doing things with the foreign language
institute. There were always people floating in and out
of our house, so it wasn’t much different to have a few guests that actually paid money
this time to come and stay with us. Some of the challenges with our business in
the beginning was that I was still operating a little bit on the old-school side. I did things more with paper and pen, and
certainly on the computer, but I was not real up on website production and all the new ways
that we could communicate with guests. It was time to kind of upgrade some things
with our business, and one of those biggest things was our website and how we handle the
whole Google interaction. We’ve been working with Townsquare Interactive
for a few years now, and the relationship just continues to get better and better. From our perspective, the most important part
of our business is being seen online. We function completely online, and so, by
moving to Townsquare, that jumped us up by leaps and hurdles from where we had been before. We were basically non-visible, and now we’re
everywhere. For the last couple of years, we have seen
tremendous growth. I would estimate that we are probably at least
triple where we were when we started this off, if not quadruple. If I had to come up with a single word or
phrase about Townsquare, it would be responsiveness. Megan is our go-to person. Every time we have something new that needs
to be done, that’s who we go to, and she takes care of it. We go over everything in great detail, she’s
always very patient – especially with me, because sometimes it takes a little bit more
explaining to me about how some of these things are working. And she’s always great about putting it into
terms that I can understand. I would say I have a high standard because
of being an OCD, retired school teacher. I guess it’s harder for people to reach that
standard sometimes for me, because I do have my bar set high. So when somebody achieves that – boy, they
are in my box. Every single person’s job is critical to the
functioning of this business. We could not do it without being a united
family. And I don’t think that being a mother is just
a biological thing. I think being a mother is loving and caring
for others. So, the mothering just continues. And I think that’s appropriate.

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