Online Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology | Ashford University


Online Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology | Ashford University

[Cessily] Welcome, and thanks for joining us today to find our more information about Ashford University’s Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology. Joining me today is Tamara Small, Career Services Manager, and Michelle Warn, program chair. So, Michelle, tell us about this program. [Michelle] So, the Master’s in Teaching and Learning with Technology introduces students to the use of technology in education and training. Students will create real world learning solutions for the classroom, training room, and in the field. We should note however the program does not lead to a teaching licensure, those requirements vary state-to-state. [Cessily] So what makes Ashford’s program unique? [Michelle] Cessily, technology will transform education and training in ways we haven’t yet imagined. This program explores the world of technology, and challenges students to experiment with it. In the classroom students will create technology infused learning solutions for all kinds of learning environments. [Cessily] Tamara, can you speak to the demand for graduates with education technology backgrounds? [Tamara] In a global economy, in an environment where students want flexibility, and a generation that uses technology in every part of their
life, and traditional campuses adding online components to their programs – and because of all these things there’s a growing demand for expertise operating in an online environment. [Cessily] And Ashford students have an advantage they get to choose a specialized field within their degree. [Michelle] That’s right Cessily, the Core Specialization will help students become familiar with integrating technology in the design of learning solutions. Students will develop education and training for government, business and educational sectors. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to expand your business by developing training and educational solutions for your customers. The Online Educator Specialization prepares students for the world of online instruction. Students will learn how to develop online
courses, and how to support and assess learners online. They will create their own online
course and peer review the courses of other students. [Tamara] This program opens up a lot of opportunities in consulting, corporate training, and postsecondary teaching just to name a few examples of careers students might pursue after graduation. [Cessily] Thank you for being here. We hope this answered some of your questions about Ashford’s online Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology. If you have any more questions or if you would like to speak with an Enrollment Services
Advisor, go to

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  1. Calvin Atchison says:

    I found the videos in the Education Department for Graduate Studies to be very informative and looking forward to becoming a student, and making this part of my educational goals that will ultimately lead to a doctoral degree.

  2. roy roper says:

    Bachelor of Arts (ASHFORD) 2012

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