Online Master of Engineering – Focus in Engineering Management

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Online Master of Engineering – Focus in Engineering Management

[Narrator] University at Buffalo’s Online Master of
Engineering Degree Program with a concentration in
Engineering Management offers a flexible, accredited and engaging learning experience for
working professionals. You can complete your studies at times that are convenient for you. We designed the coursework
to fit the lifestyles of busy professionals
in various timezones, and you’ll engage with like
minded people, your peers, those of diverse cultures
and organizations. Our focus is an innovative approach of engineering knowledge and leadership. Each course features
University at Buffalo faculty and the high quality teaching you expect from one of our nations top industrial and systems engineering programs. Our online courses
include carefully designed learning activities that are
challenging and inspiring. Experienced faculty will guide you throughout your learning
journey, challenging and engaging you in the technical
and managerial curriculum. We keep class sizes appropriately sized to give you deserving attention and you will be part of a
united and diverse community of learners and instructors. Courses are taught by faculty
passionate about their fields who share their knowledge with
you through video lectures, class discussions and case studies. Our subject matter expert
professors mentor you to provide you with tools
relevant to you and your career. You’ll have brief reading assignments and multi part projects
and plenty of opportunity to check your understanding. You’ll find you’re able to relate the concepts and tools from the courses and apply them to your
specific work circumstances. Join us to pair your
innovate engineering learning with work you do and advance your future. Welcome to University at Buffalo. (bright music)

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