Online Master’s Degree in Digital Curation

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Online Master’s Degree in Digital Curation

Everyone is talking about big data, but
what businesses and organizations really need is good data. By good data, we mean curated data. As enterprises struggle with how to best utilize, leverage, and
preserve their digital assets, they need experts who can actively manage those
assets, reduce risks, and maximize value. You can become a leader in this emerging
field with the Professional Science Master’s Degree in Digital Curation at
UNC Chapel Hill. This 100% online program fits your life and your schedule and is
the first master’s degree in the nation focused on digital curation. Developed at
UNC Chapel Hill, an international leader in digital curation and data management,
the master’s program offers students an opportunity to work with world-renowned
faculty members from UNC’s top-ranked information school through a
comprehensive and project oriented curriculum the students gain the
knowledge and skills to ensure the discoverability, usability, authenticity,
and longevity of digital assets, a truly indispensible resource for 21st century
businesses and organizations. The master’s program culminates with
students applying their knowledge through an internship or practicum in
partnership with their current employer or at another enterprise with digital
asset needs. UNC’s professional science master’s degree in digital curation is
designed to provide the experiences and credentials that can help you launch a
new career and take you to the next level at a wide range of businesses and
organizations across the public and private sectors. Take the next step.

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