Online Master’s Degree Programs @ XU: Montessori Education


Online Master’s Degree Programs @ XU: Montessori Education

Thank you for your interest in the masters of
education with the concentration of Montessori. Xavier University has been teaching Montessori
preparation for more than 50 years. And through our on campus lab school,
supports the evolution of Montessori in the
classroom. When you are accepted into the program, a
faculty member will work with you to create a
course plan that fits your needs and help you register for a smooth start in the
program. All of our fully online courses are designed to
create a learning community where students get to know and learn from each
other and their professors. Our courses begin with an icebreaker, and then
continue with a variety of community building
activities. Discussion boards let students discuss the
course concepts and share ideas and
experiences. Some courses may include reflection journals,
small group activities or assignments, virtual office
hours and videos by the professor. Assignments come in many different forms with
an emphasis on reflection and application of
what is being learned. Many assignments result in the creation of tools
that can be used in students current jobs, like an article, PowerPoint, video, or document
tha can be used to inform teachers or parents. The masters of education with the concentration
in Montessori can support a variety of career
goals. We have students who already have a
Montessori credential, and want to go beyond that. Traditional teachers who want to learn about and apply in Montessori principals in their classroom, and school principals who want to increase their
knowledge of Montessori. In addition, the program is designed for learners
who work in settings with students ranging in
age preschool through high school. Although this online program does not provide
teaching license or a Montessori certification, which is needed to teach in a Montessori
program, both are available through our on
campus program. Some students entering the program may be
eligiable for reduction in tuition. If you already have a certification from
Montessori credidation council for teacher
education, you may be eligible for significantly reduced
tuition for up to 12 credit hours. If you are currently employed by Catholic school
with any job title, you receive reduced tuition on
all your courses. You can contact Xavier’s office of the graduate school to
determine if you qualify for either of these reductions and exactly what that
reduction would be. If you have any further questions about the
program or if you need help with your
application, please call one of our enrollment specialist at

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