Online or Classroom Real Estate Classes – What’s Best For You?

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Online or Classroom Real Estate Classes – What’s Best For You?

So you want to get your real estate license but you’re not sure if you want to take your real estate classes online or in the classroom I’m Al Batteiger with the Hondros College of Business let me help you with that decision Hondros College of Business has locations statewide with flexible schedules and instructors with an average of over 20 years experience in real estate and education we recommend classroom but understand that some individuals prefer online learning or need more flexibility in their schedule individuals who are successful with our online program generally are self-disciplined to make
the time commitment and retain the information our highest pass rates are with individuals who complete our program in three weeks if you enroll in online it is of utmost importance to make sure you make regular progress in the courses to ensure successful completion and that you don’t go idle for more than a day or two as an online student remember that you can take the modules whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you know however that you still have access to our expert instructors and staff if you have a question about content send an email to ask an instructor at if you find you need to have that classroom experience for certain parts don’t worry we have you covered there too you can easily mix and match between online and classroom however and whenever your schedule and needs allow we help you every step of the way online classroom or both Hondros College of Business offers unmatched flexibility with our unique hybrid option for the Ohio real estate salesperson courses with the ability to mix and match online and classroom and class options offered during the day evening or weekends you decide what’s best for you student success and educational innovations are the reason why 92% of Ohio real estate agents have taken their real estate courses from Hondros College of Business let us help you reach your goals register today visit online at or give us a call at 888 Hondros

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