Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree – Bryan Dik

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Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree – Bryan Dik

My name is Bryan Dik. I’m a member of the faculty in the Psychology
department, and I teach online at Colorado State University. The online degree program is designed to be
equivalent in terms of content to the on-campus degree program. A student who takes an online course can expect
a highly interactive experience. Where they might log on and download some
lectures, some videos, participate with other students in engaging discussions in an environment
in which one our faculty members are overseeing and encouraging. All the faculty here run their own labs. Their very interested in using the methods
of science to answer the questions they have about human behavior and mental processes. One of the things that sets our faculty apart, in addition to having a strong commitment to science, is creatively thinking about ways
to apply that science to address real-world problems. It’s not just learning a list of facts and
dates and findings that you get from a textbook, but it’s being able to take a step back and
approach complex problems in creative ways. One of our faculty members, Jess Witt does
research on sensation and perception, looking at how people are taking in information when
they are holding a gun. There’s some evidence to suggest that people
often mistake other objects like a shoe as a gun when they’re holding a gun. More so than when
they’re not, and that has a lot of implications for training law enforcement and military
personnel. One of the advantages with having faculty
who they themselves actively involved in research is that they’re able to introduce that into
their teaching. So if you’re a student, you’re getting cutting-edge information from faculty who maybe even last night in their lab found something really
interesting and decided that they thought it would be useful to share with students. We’re very excited about the online degree
program. We see it as a way to take the world-class
education that we offer within the walls here, and make it available to the world virtually. So if you’re interested, then please give
us a call, or send us an email. We’d love to engage you in a conversation
and potentially have you as a student.

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