Online Public School—Maria’s Connections Academy Story


Online Public School—Maria’s Connections Academy Story

My name is Maria Perez and I go to California Connections Academy. Connections Academy: a tuition-free online public school. Connections let’s me be flexible. Sometimes I just like one subject the whole day so I’ll do English the whole day, then the next day math the whole day. This is my second year at Connections Academy. I was definitely nervous but I realized that
you could interact with the kids online and can still talk and listen and put your ideas out. You still have that emotional interaction.

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2 thoughts on “Online Public School—Maria’s Connections Academy Story”

  1. CreativiTimothy says:

    Hey Maria!! I was classmate of yours in 8th grade and so am I right now in 9th ^~^ Yeah, the flexibility is nice and of course you can interact with other students.

  2. DAYLEE RIE says:

    Thank u so much I totally want to go there next and I will make ur videos longer I love them!😆❤️

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