Online Reiki Course | Udemy Online Reike Course – 1st Degree Shoden


Online Reiki Course | Udemy Online Reike Course – 1st Degree Shoden

Hi and welcome to your “Traditional Japanese
Reiki – 1st Degree (Beginners / Shoden)” course, here on Udemy.
If you are looking to learn the ancient art of traditional Japanese Reiki, by discovering
it’s THREE Pillars and receiving lifetime attunement to this amazing energy, so you
not only benefit yourself from feelings of balance, connection, and clarity, but are
able to treat and share this gift with friends and family, then this is the ideal course
for you. In this 3 hour, over 80 lecture training, I’ll be sharing with you…
• The origins and journeys of reiki, and your reiki lineage.
• Reiju, which will give you your lifetime attunement to reiki.
• The Gassho Meditation, which helps you to create mental and emotional space.
• The Gokai, which is the secret art of inviting happiness into your life.
• Byosen, the technique for detecting and treating illness in the body.
• Reiji ho, the technique for tuning into your natural intuition.
• Hatsurei Ho, the strengthening techniques for keeping your reiki connection strong.
• The Chakra system, the roadmap of subtle energy pathways in the body.
With this training, you will be able to… • Understand why there are so many different
variations of reiki teachings. • Connect fully with your soul journey,
and achieve greater clarity of your life purpose. • Feel calmer and more aware of your emotions
and thoughts. • Develop and practice the habit of happiness
and focus on positive outcomes. • Perceive, detect, and treat illnesses
daily, through the channeling of reiki. • Ask yourself important questions and hear
your inner wisdom in making personal decisions. • Strengthen your connection to Reiki, and
Power-up treatments of yourself, friends, and family.
• Detect blocks within your chakra system and bring balance to your subtle energy pathways.
Once understood and adopted, this will allow you to…
• Effectively treat yourself, friends, and family by channeling reiki.
• Feel more confident, energized, and focused • Regain a sense of connection between yourself,
your purpose, and the world around you. • Continue your reiki journey to becoming
a practitioner (Okuden), after which you can offer your services to the public.
Using the teachings of traditional Japanese reiki, and my practice as a Reiki Master Teacher,
or Shihan, I’ve developed this course with the intention of teaching and empowering you
to live life fully, through a deep understanding, and practical application of this amazing
soul energy. Through video training with me personally;
workbooks, quizzes and training manuals for you to refer to after the course, I keep the
science simple, the insight deep, and the practical application highly relevant.
So, simply click on the “Buy Course” button on this page, and you’ll be guided by me
every step of the way from introduction through to completion and Attunement, and even beyond
through on-line communication and regular updates, because I am committed to you not
just learning, but benefiting from what you learn.
You see, I too was once at a point, where I was seriously lost and frustrated by the
lack of purpose and progress in my own life, despite a deep desire to move beyond what
I had created for myself through poor lifestyle choices and lack of self-care and love. Despite
trying many philosophies and paths, it was reiki that finally brought me the breakthrough
I’d been desperately trying to achieve. It gave me a sense of compassion and understanding
of myself, and taught me the practices that delivered greater clarity, stronger self of
self, and the confidence to make choices that better served me on my life journey.
I’m now blessed to have many private clients and students, who because of reiki, are finally
moving forward to happier, healthier lives. But, not everyone, through location or resources
is able to attend my private classes, and through Udemy, I am now able to extend my
reach, and touch many many more people in need of breakthrough, or who seek to learn
reiki to treat themselves and/or friends and family.
So, if you’re willing to explore a new way of being, through an introduction to traditional
Japanese reiki, and looking for a course that allows you to progress at your own pace, and
still be supported remotely, that is designed to really deepen your understanding and connection…
Just Click on the “Buy Course“ button on this page Now and let’s get YOU started
on the road to a new and powerful journey! I’ll see you again soon, on the inside of this training.

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    That video is really great… tells me all i need to know about the course!… Definately what i'm looking for.

  2. Witchy Healer says:

    Thank you! Excellent course! Can't wait for level 2 and 3!

  3. Skorpija BG says:

    If anyone is interested in Reiki the greatest results that ive had was by following the Real reiki relaxer (just google it) definately the most incredible ite that I've followed.

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