Online Statistics Master’s Degree – Student Story: Tracy W.

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Online Statistics Master’s Degree – Student Story: Tracy W.

My name is Tracy, I’m studying applied statistics through the online program at Colorado State This is my home, home sweet home. My husband and I live here on this uh… it’s an ex-Army steel tugboat. And we’re renovating it into a living space. It’s very cool to be able to live inside your own laboratory. Our main focus is sustainability. So, we’re doing a lot of experiments as to how to live energy efficiently inside a steel box. The first thing we’re going to do is add insulation. And our big project is increasing what we have now in almost a kilowatt array of solar panels to six kilowatts. At which point we should be net zero for a year. Both my husband and I are returning back to school to sort of get retrained and also to pursue our own academic interests. Right now our main interests are sustainability, renewable energy, and economics. I think climate change was a topic that shocked my husband and I. It seems like a topic that we grew up hearing about, but we didn’t realize it was serious. And so I think it became more of a life imperative than anything else. As we started to study that on our own, we realized there is a huge depth of math and statistics behind every decision, and I realized that could be something I could use as a tool. It’s been really great to have a variety of instruction from different professors from different fields. And there was so much great interaction between experts and our student cohort on the other, and it was just such a rich experience and I would recommend looking at this program for anyone who’s looking to develop a breadth of tools, to learn how to bring data into information, and bring it to people to digest and make decisions based on.

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