Online Student Experience at Georgetown School of Continuing Studies

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Online Student Experience at Georgetown School of Continuing Studies

– This experience has
greatly impacted my life, I’m just so proud to say to myself, like wow, I have my Masters degree and it’s something that no one
can ever take away from you. – I chose to go with an online degree because it gave me more
latitude with my career. – I decided to choose an online program to pursue my Masters degree because I still wanted to work
while I was going to school. – Because I work full time
and I can’t attend classes around the schedules
that the regular classes, traditional classes are offered. With the online, it gives
me more flexibility. – My professors were great, they were always very accessible and I
made a lot of good connections with my classmates, which
you wouldn’t necessarily think would happen in an online program but they really foster relationships or creating relationships
with other classmates, so I’d say it was a
really great experience. – I definitely think the program helped me build out my professional network, I got to meet that I
probably won’t have the opportunity to meet if I was
on campus doing this program. – I looked at all the different courses and I looked at where
did I want to be in life and the technology management program actually fit the description of my goals and what I’d like to do. – So I was working in
the insurance industry after I graduated from undergrad and I was working in that
industry for two years and I realized, wow,
this isn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life and it just wasn’t something
I was passionate about, so I decided to enroll
in the sports industry management program at
Georgetown University because it was something
that I was passionate about. – In all of my courses,
the professor would normally assign a day
and a time every week. They would be totally accessible to us. I would learn about
something in the classroom and then I would see it
happening in real life and it makes it easier to understand and then to go and do later. – What it feels like to
graduate from Georgetown with my Masters, is probably the
best feeling in the world. – To be graduating from
a Masters in Georgetown is a good feeling, it’s
a lifelong achievement.

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