Online Summer School Student Review | International Connections Academy

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– Hi, this is Amelia and I’m
six years old in kindergarten. Today we’re gonna be talking about International Connections
Academy summer school. The lessons are like not just reading. There’s videos and pictures and fun activities. There’s a support coach. The support coach calls you to make sure you’re having a nice
time at summer school. And a normal teacher. Yeah, she was really nice. She called me on the phone even! To know if I was understanding my lessons. I am gonna take summer school, International Connections
Academy summer school this year. I’ll give you a hint. (counting in foreign language) I’m taking Spanish lessons! (giggles) Yeah, I can’t wait to talk
to people that live in… Germany? – [Voiceover] No. – [Amelia] What’s that?
– [Voiceover] Spain. – Spain! Okay, now I really am excited. You don’t have to just do it like right now in the morning. You could do it in
breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even past your bedtime. The cool thing is, when
you’re on vacation, you could still go there! – [Voiceover] Why? – Because it’s on computer or iPad. (laughs) Bye, this is Amelia, I’m six
years old in kindergarten.

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