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Hello everyone, I’m JR Lopez Gonzales. In Bizmates, they call me “JR G”. And for this day, I’ll be sharing to you my
Bizmates story. So, before Bizmates, [actually] after graduating [from] the university, I was able to apply for a job back in Mindanao,
I taught in the university for a couple of years. And then after that, back in 2013 I had the
chance of working as well in Makati. And that was like my first-ever experience
of how it is working far from your home. It was in Manila; it was in Makati,
The commute was more than an hour, just one way. So back and forth, it [was] like more than
two and a half hours. That includes falling in line and it’s like
an Amazing Race every single day because you have to be in a hurry and you have to make sure that you go ahead and secure yourself a seat on the train,
or if not, if you don’t have any choice times then you have to stand up for the whole duration of the trip. And that was my first taste of the harsh reality
of living in an urban center like Makati was so difficult for me. Maybe because I was used to living in the
province. So it was really a challenge and well, it
was not that easy. So that was my life before Bizmates. So how did Bizmates change my life? That’s a good question. And I’m just so happy to share my Bizmates
experience with everyone that I know, because for me, Bizmates is a “game-changer”
in the online teaching industry. First of all, we are teaching businessmen
and it’s not your typical conversation school. So for me – well, I did teach before – I
was a former professor in the university for a couple of years but –
I did also learn that, when I taught the lessons – the Bizmates
Business programs – I learned a lot from those and in some points I also apply those lessons in my actual personal life because from my parents are also into business. And as to how it changed me as a person, I would say that it sure it sure did. I had [a] greater appreciation of Japanese
business ethics and business culture. And at the same time, I met a lot of wonderful
students and I always tell other people that if you compare – not to some stereotypical
– but if you compare the students from other schools I would have to say Bizmates students
have their own student tradition where they’re so courteous, so polite and I think that’s
just one way of [them] reciprocating the professionalism that Bizmates extend to them. And well right now I have taught about five
thousand lessons now with Bizmates. And I plan to teach five thousand more, hopefully,
in the future. And it has changed me as well with my time. You see, it has a flexible time schedule so
you plot out your own schedule in advance. And because of that, I save a lot of my time. Instead of going on a commute; going on a
train; right now on have more time to make those things that I failed to do before. So, I had more time now writings articles
because I contribute to news agencies in the Philippines; in GMA, in ABS-CBN. And also I make YouTube videos and now; I
make more vlog episodes because of having more time spent at home. So, what are you waiting for? If you think my Bizmates story is inspiring,
or something you can relate to, So why not try and earn at Bizmates? I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it. And I’ll see you guys next time. Good bye!

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