Online vs. Face-to-Face Courses; Are Learning and Evaluation Outcomes Equivalent?

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Online vs. Face-to-Face Courses; Are Learning and Evaluation Outcomes Equivalent?

>>I want you to know that
I did a couple of studies. I was fortunate in that I
was able to be able to teach at the same time and with
me as the same instructor so that was controlled,
multiple sections across the course of a year. So multiple sections
of fully online courses and then traditional
face-to-face courses. And so I was able to collect
the data doing pre-test and post-test measures and all of the benchmarks throughout
the course of the semester to determine whether or not in fact the learning
experience was equivalent. So I collected learning the
outcomes including performance measures and then also added
two evaluative components from the students. So I collected the data
and without going into that since that’s not the purpose
of my talk, I will tell you for those of you who are
concerned about outcomes that from my particular class
which of course a local study and I won’t generalize
necessarily to your classes, but there were equivalent
outcomes in all performance
aspects, including the pre- and the post-test measures. And of course they
were controlled for their experience
in the beginning. So I did all of the
original controls to make sure there weren’t
differences in the quality of the student’s pre-test
knowledge of the material or anything like that. So the performance
outcomes were good and the evaluative
aspects have turned out to be very, very positive. 100% of the students feel like
they were completely supported by the technology here at
Towson [assumed spelling], so that’s good; that’s
thumbs up for OTS, and of course CI for us. So all of their technology
support they found was being met. They also felt as if they’re
learning experience was just as rich, ok; rich for them, even though they didn’t
have the face-to-face talk.

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