Ontario college offers course in commercial cannabis production


Ontario college offers course in commercial cannabis production

“Irrigation, how do you how to use
irrigation? Insect control, traffic…” There’s a lot to learn about cannabis. Since September, 24 students have been taking a specialist course at Niagara College to study how to grow the plant in a controlled environment. Legalization of recreational marijuana brings business and job opportunities. “I’ve always had an interest, I’ve always grown my own cannabis and whatnot for recreational purposes, but now the industry was growing rapidly that I thought I’d get my foot in the door with this program.” “A lot of my hobbies were gardening and growing and I don’t mean just cannabis, I mean various other crops and herbs. This is, this will be my career in the future now.” Lessons take place in a heavily-guarded area surrounded by barbed wire and surveillance cameras, Just like when the plant is grown on an industrial scale. The school says the idea to launch a graduate certificate program in commercial cannabis production came from the country’s Health Ministry. “About five, six, seven
years ago they came to us and said you know we see this as an immediate need to
have individuals that are you know fully able to grow cannabis in licensed
production facilities.” The cannabis Act has already generated a booming marijuana industry in Canada. The doctors warned that the legalization could lead
to an increase in pot use, calling it a national uncontrolled experiment, pitting profits and tax revenues against citizens health. The Canadian Medical Association Journal urged the government to amend the law.

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2 thoughts on “Ontario college offers course in commercial cannabis production”

  1. Annie says:

    Keep the sheeple stoned and/or drunk.

  2. Pancho says:

    Those students weren't accidentally interesting in gardening they were cannabis junkies lol btw the student witht the glasses did he get those plumped lips with cannabis lol…?

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