Ontdek hoe Open Universiteit de user experience transformeerde met hun e-learning omgeving yOUlearn

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Ontdek hoe Open Universiteit de user experience transformeerde met hun e-learning omgeving yOUlearn

Open University is an organization that offers part-time University education with a focus on remote learning. In 2013, Open University had three e-learning environments. This was not efficient. Our challenge was to consolidate from three to one. The next question was, ‘What are you going to choose?’ For this, we sought expert advice. The Scientific Technical Council from SURF advised us to continue with Liferay. Since we wanted to roll out the new environment in phases, we used site templates and the site hierarchy functionality that Liferay offers out-of-the-box. This helped us to go live very soon and we were able to iteratively add new functionalities very quickly. We use Liferay for four applications. One, as our front-end presentation: our corporate website two, as our Teacher Portal three, as our Student Portal and four, as a very critical business system: the e-learning environment, where teachers and students online interact with one another. yOUlearn is our digital Learning and Working Environment. It supports our primary service, education, and is fully powered by Liferay. Thanks to the open nature of Liferay, we were able to easily connect our student administration system to it. Next to that, we have a connection with an external virtual class room that is also integrated in Liferay. Those are things that stress the benefits of Liferay. What I personally like, is seeing how things that normally happen in a classroom, the interaction between students and teachers or with one another, how you can shape such a thing in an online environment. Thanks to Liferay, yOUlearn has a foundation that we can easily connect all kinds of applications to, but, with respect to the future, where we can also easily replace applications with ones that better meet future criteria. We have tried to drastically improve the user experience for teachers. With Liferay we create an in-between layer. We have limited the configuration options to a minimum so it’s much easier for teachers to structure their lessons and they can focus on the primary process. Teachers are very satisfied with the user experience of yOUlearn. I think another advantage, especially for students, is the logical structure and the consistency throughout the system. Within two years, we have over 1,200 sites running. We have about 16,000 users, both employees and students. And that really is a great accomplishment! We have made an excellent choice with Liferay. I believe that open source extended environments offer a future-ready solution for organizations if they think through the future of their e-learning environment.

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