Open Prealgbra Course Offered by Phoenix College


Open Prealgbra Course Offered by Phoenix College

Welcome to an intro to the Open Arithmetic Prealgebra Course, offered
free by Phoenix College as part of the 2013 AZ
Science Tech Festival. My name is James Sousa, I’m a Math instructor at Phoenix College. For a little bit of a background, I’ve been creating Math tutorial
videos posted on YouTube for over two years now, though
it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been able to combine free eBooks and a free Online Assessment program in order to create
Complete Online Courses. And the featured Arithmetic
Prealgebra Course covers the following topics. Let’s go and take a look at the course. This is where all the course
materials are located. So once registered, this
is where we would login. We do want to select this third option, force image-based math,
and then click login. Again once registered, there
will only be one course over here on the left, 2013
Open Arithmetic/Prealgebra. So if I click on this link, this is the homepage of the course. Notice this first link
here is for announcements. This first announcement
contains important information about the course including
this Video Welcome, entering answers and a way to download or purchase the textbook. Let’s take a look at how the
course materials are organized. It’s very similar to a textbook, but instead of chapters we have modules. So there are seven modules to this course. Let’s go and enter Module 2. All the modules are
organized the same way, every module contains several sections. After the sections we have
an optional practice test and then a module test. Within each section, there
are three subsections. So if I click on Section 2.1, we have a textbook link,
video links and then a homework link. And again each section has
these three same links. So if I click on the textbook link, this brings up the textbook
which is a PDF file, so this can be saved or printed. Next are the videos, and
there are two types of videos. There are video lessons
and video examples. Again these are all hosted on YouTube. Let’s go and take a look
at that video lesson. Welcome to an Introduction to Integers. The goal of this video are to
define the set of integers, compare integers using inequality symbols, define the absolute value of an integer, and then determine the
opposite of an integer. Integers are the numbers. So these lessons are
designed so that you can take notes from the slides
in your math notebook. And the math notebook is
an important component to be successful in the course. So after watching the video
lesson, you can also watch the supporting example videos if you wish. Let’s take a look at one of these. These have graph paper background. To order these integers
from least to greatest we’ll go ahead and plot
these on the number line and that will automatically
put them in order from least to greatest because the smallest numbers occur on the left. So after reading the textbook and watching the videos, you should be ready for the homework. Let’s take a look at the homework. Here we’re asked to compare -20 and -9 using inequality symbols. Within a homework question
if you need extra help, most of the questions have
this work example or video link which opens up another video
that works a similar problem to help you solve the given problem. You want to compare the integers using the greater than, less
than or equal symbol. There’s also an option here to post this question to a forum. This will allow you to get
help from other students in the class, and I will
also monitor this forum. This forum is called the Math Lounge. So if I click on this link, it
takes this homework question as we see here, and
posts in the Math Lounge. But it is important that you
also ask a specific question so that someone could help you. As a third option for
help, you can click on this jump to answer link which
will give you the answer to this specific question. But then to get credit for the question, you would have to work a similar question, meaning the numbers would change. So the way the homework is set up, there’s unlimited attempts
for each question, but if you miss the question twice, to get credit you will have
to work a similar problem, not the exact same problem. So again, every section
is set up the same way. We have the textbook, the
videos and the homework link. Let’s go back to the homepage. You can also access the Math Lounge from the discussion forums where you can click on New Thread and then post any other
questions or comments that you have about the course. To check your progress any
time, from the homepage, you can click on the
online Gradebook here. And it will give you specific
grades for each assignment and at the bottom it will give you an overall score in the course. Because this course is an open course, there are no due dates
which would normally show on the calendar from
this calendar link here. I hope you found this
introduction helpful. Before I show you how to
register for the course, I do want to mention one more thing. If you’re interested in
getting help on other courses other than Arithmetic or Prealgebra, I do have videos that range
all the way through Calc three and beyond which you
can access several ways. One way is through my YouTube
Channel which is Bullcleo1, given here at the bottom as well. Or if you visit, click on the course tab above, and then scroll through the library. And the third option is to
go to the Mathispower4u Blog, again the address is given here below, where you can actually search by topic using this window here. To obtain registration
directions for the Arithmetic, Prealgebra course, please
visit mathispower4u to download the registration information. I hope you find these resources helpful.

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6 thoughts on “Open Prealgbra Course Offered by Phoenix College”

  1. Toddertaws Boii says:

    I hate math

  2. James Westwood says:

    Thank you for your great work!
    I am just wondering, what age and educational level is this course usually suitable for?
    Also, how long would it typically take to work through this course?
    Thanks once again!

  3. Mathispower4u says:

    This would be the course to take before entering Introductory Algebra.

  4. GrodyMaroon says:

    You, Mr Sousa, are a true hero. You have helped me get through all three lower division calculus classes. I will lean on your videos heavily for differential equations/linear algebra- and now you are helping me tutor a friend in pre-algebra with this program.

    Wish there were more in the world like you.

  5. Mathispower4u says:

    Thank you for the nice comment. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to DE and linear algebra videos.

  6. sanda craina says:

    I want to create something similar for an ICT course. What technologies did you use to make such a great job? Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!

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