Orientation Video for College & Career Readiness

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Orientation Video for College & Career Readiness

No, I wasn’t nervous to come back,
absolutely not, because these people made me feel so comfortable and wanted, tell
you wanted it to come back to further your education you know that’s the way
they make you feel here. For me coming back at the age of around 30, it was very
scary, I didn’t know what I was going into. I had nothing to compare to it, and
so for me walking back in was terrifying, but at the same time it was I felt that
it was something I had to do in order to get further. One advantage of taking the
program here at Beaufort County Community College is the fact that we do
offer the classes in several locations at different times because we understand
that your life is busy. We offer classes across our service area in Beaufort
County here in Washington, in Washington County at the Washington County
Roper Center and we offer classes in Hyde County in Engelhard and the island of
Ocracoke. You do not have to be a citizen to take
the ELA classes. Anybody interested in learning English is eligible to take the
class. I had a friend she doesn’t speak English and then I told her to come to
class to learn English like me because when I came here I didn’t speak
English at all, and I she can see me how I speak English right now, because I go
to school. So if you do not have your high school diploma while you’re taking
our ELA class you can definitely work on both programs simultaneously. When you
leave the GED class, you can go over to curriculum and you will be able to get
your associates and even go further and get your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. So
the cost for high school equivalency program is virtually free. The only cost
involved would be your final test, and that’s an $80 fee, but with kind donors
we have ways in which we can take care of that cost.
Because it’s independent-based you get to choose how long it takes you to
complete this GED process so if you put your time and energy into your studies
you can get finished a lot faster. So I was told about the public transportation
that does carry college students to and from the school for little or no cost to
them as the student. So I was able to connect with BATS here locally and at
the beginning of each semester you just give them your schedule and tell them
when you need to be picked up and when you need to be dropped off at home, and
they completely work around your schedule. Life happens, and you can’t plan
for these situations, and we will help you if you let us know what your needs
are, we will do as much as we can to help you to continue to stay in school. This
is what I would say to my kids about getting their education: get as much as
you can; don’t give up; stay positive; stay strong; stay focused; even
on the bad days when you jus t feel like not even getting out of bed; just do it,
because it’s gonna pay off in the long run.

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