OSU CS Online Degree Career Showcase – Why should I go?

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OSU CS Online Degree Career Showcase – Why should I go?

I found it very valuable
there were a lot of “ah-ha” moments, things that I thought I knew
that I didn’t and that the showcase helped answer.
just the level of preparedness for going into an interview
what they are looking for in terms of having projects done on the side
not just things that are done in the curriculum itself.
They gave us really good tips on what you need to be doing now, in the program.
If you’re really not sure what platform you want to start playing around with,
start playing with a little bit of all of them. If you’ve got a project that you’ve
put up on Github, rewrite it in Python, and then
rewrite it in Go, and then rewrite it in JavaScript and see which one really clicks with you,
see which one fits the project itself really well
What you should be doing to network with people. Networking is probably the single most important
thing, in my opinion To get a job in software.
So what I would do, after an event like this, is that I would connect on LinkedIn.
I would send a message and I would say “Hey, it was nice to meet you.”
I would maybe recap what we talked about so there’s some sort of refresher so that,
you know, you aren’t kind of one of a million faces.
Good interview tips. When you go into an interview you should view
it as you’re interviewing them too, and so when you go in, and you ask people
questions, and you are actually interested and engaged, people respond very
positively too that. So that’s kind of part of selling yourself,
is be interested in them, and what does their company do and what do they do at the
company. You know this goes both ways, and if you can do that all of a sudden they’ll
say “Wow I really like that person I think I could work with them.”
And even if you feel like you’re maybe headed in the wrong direction
or you feel like your answers are incorrect, don’t worry about it just
talk it through and let them see your process of how you’re answering the question.
So definitely, definitely, do that. I’m just in my second quarter, but I found
a lot of valuable information from the employers about what they’re looking
for. You know be the person that you want to work
with. In our business we do consulting and, you
know, working with people, our customers, the people you work with is
really important. So, don’t lose sight of that, the people
part of your career. I guess the other “ah-ha” moment was just
understanding that there’s so many niches in computer science
and that really, the world is open as far as opportunities.
I really would recommend it to anyone it’s been really,
even though I don’t know exactly where I’ll be going with my career,
it’s been giving me a lot of good information about what
avenues are available to me.

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