OSU CS Online Degree Graduate: Jennifer Burns

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OSU CS Online Degree Graduate: Jennifer Burns

My name is Jennifer Burns
and I have a degree in music education. I was a band director for about 5 years. I’ve also taught private percussion lessons,
taught a lot of drum line, and I worked at guitar center as well
for a couple years. I decided when I was 18 to pursue music,
and difficult to make a living, and make ends meet that way,
so I then decided to go for my other passion, which was technology. I actually was a student at Portland State
for a year, and then I started an internship
at Intel, and found out about the program and got really excited about the possibility
of moving and still continuing my degree. So when my family and I decided to move
to Colorado, I realized that this would be a great opportunity to do that. Right now I’m a software engineer
at Micron Technology. I write python scripts that
validate firmware for solid state drives. I really enjoy solving problems
and this gives me the opportunity to do that every day. I feel like when I wake up to go to work
I’m excited to fix things. I actually was a composer,
I wrote music for a while. I wrote for marching band
and drum line and I feel like the way I put a
music score together is very similar to the thought process that I use to
create code. Modular rising things and
choosing different techniques, I think it still used a very creative process,
which I have the background in from music. I feel really appreciative that I’m able to
peruse this option in my life. My life has changed drastically
for the better. I can make a living now,
I’m not struggling anymore, and that’s huge.

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