OSU CS Online Degree Student – Susan Lee

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OSU CS Online Degree Student – Susan Lee

I got to the point where my career where
I just, I felt like I didn’t want to wake up twenty years from now and still doing that, so I decided to explore other options. Computer science to me was a really good balance between technical stuff and kind of flexing my creative muscles. So that’s what really drew me to the program. I just read a lot of good reviews it’s a
new program, but there was a lot of support and a lot of people who had good
things to say about the program. I also enjoy kind of the structured element of the
programs instead of doing my own learning with my own online classes. The structure with this program particularly really called to me. It’s been great. The first quarter was definitely difficult, but I got my bearings and the second quarter has been much much easier. I was completely new to programming, so not only was it the material was new it was all the software we were using was new. The interface that I had to use to actually do my work that was all new. So that was a little difficult to kind of wrap my head around at first, in addition to learning material
for the course. Something I’ve heard from other students
who are further along in the program and something I’m experiencing myself it’s really important to get a good group of students that you can rely on throughout the course, just people to commiserate with, people to understand what you’re feeling, or to help you out. That’s really been kind of my life saver.

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