Our #1 Priority is YOU | UWF Online Education Degrees

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Our #1 Priority is YOU | UWF Online Education Degrees

– UWF is very focused on people and whether that be
students, faculty or staff. The people are the heart of UWF. – We are focused on the student. We believe strongly that it is because of you that we are here and therefore you are
the first we think about. Your needs are our priorities. Our priorities are set around your needs. – Here at UWF, our number
one priority is our students. Our focus is on teaching. – They can expect availability. Our program being online
sometimes folk think well perhaps you never are able to communicate with the professor. But you will find that there
are constant communications through email, through discussion, boards and through other mechanisms. – I serve as a director
for the doctoral program and I always call myself the
humble servant of every student I have given out my cell
phone to every single student who wants it and I’ve asked
them to call me anytime. – Our faculty are very engaged
in their online courses. Again, this is our field of expertise so we put a lot of effort
into modeling good practices. Our courses online are as engaging or more engaging than
they’d be in the classroom. We look for opportunities
to foster discussions and group interactions, and
group activities in the course. – Your instructors will
keep in touch with you on a regular basis to make sure that you’re
keeping up with things. If you don’t turn something in we’re very apt to get in
touch with you and say “What’s going on, is there
anything I can help you with?” – Teaching the development of our students into working professionals. That’s our focus.

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