Our Distance Learning MBA (London)


Our Distance Learning MBA (London)

I was looking to further
my education in hopes to further my career. Unfortunately, the
option wasn’t there of taking a year out
or taking a sabbatical or freeing up days during the
week in order to do my course. So the distance
learning MBA was really the best way that I could
fit that in with my life. For me Warwick was an
obvious choice. Not only is it one of the best
business schools in the UK, but the distance learning
MBA is the best in the world currently. So from a rankings points of
view, it made perfect sense. but also it represents
value for money. I’ve got a really busy job. I’ve got a hectic personal life. I didn’t want to
compromise those things, but I wanted to make
sure that I could fit in some professional
development and some time for my own progression. The online learning
environment is very flexible. It’s always available. So if I’m logging on
at 10:00 at night, I can still catch up on any
missed lessons or reading. Sometimes I’ll listen to
a lecture on the train, or I might sit in
the evening and work through some of the materials. It really is just trying
to capture every moment that I can in various
different mediums just to try and get the
information in there. There are two weeks for
face-to-face lectures and for group work. So for London, we’re based
here at The Shard for a week. WBS have got two floors. And it’s just such a
lovely place to work. I mean, obviously, you’ve
got great views of London. And it’s a very sort of
professional learning environment to be working in. The Warwick weeks are a chance
to meet my fellow students face-to-face, having engaged
with them online, some of which are part of large
multinational businesses and come to London to
study, some of which are actually from comparatively
unexpected industries. Over the course of my
studies I’ve met a GP, I’ve met a nurse,
I’ve met people who have taken career
breaks and have decided to go into academia. So it’s a really
nice different range of people who bring their ideas. It’s also a chance for us to
begin to engage with our tutors on a one to one level
and to actually be part of an academic environment. Sometimes you might meet
someone and you think, actually, that’s the job that I
was thinking about doing. And they’re on the MBA program
and you’re thinking, you know, people are just really
here to expand their minds. I’m glad I enrolled in this
program because it’s given me immense confidence in
my own capabilities, not only to learn, but also
in my career prospects. The DL MBA has already
really helped me, certainly when I’m having financial
conversations at work. I feel more confident. I have a greater
level of ability in the areas where I’ve already
put my theory into practice. I’ve been surprised
by how much I’ve learned and also the importance
of the network, the number and the quality of
people that I’ve met. The whole package is a
real learning experience. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Rehman Ali says:

    That's very good Distance Learning Programme which I really loved!

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